Bakker Medical Srl is a privately held company under Italian law with its 100% parent entity in Leiden, the Netherlands. The international founders and management share extensive experience in lead discovery and drug development. The founders and management share the view that real solutions for areas of high medical need are required, especially from the humane perspective. Invasive anti fungal therapy is such an area of high medical need, if not one of the highest importance today. Unfortunately very little initiative to offer relief for this growing threat is coming forth from the traditional pharma and biotech industries. This situation is witnessed by the fact that the market leading anti fungal Azole technology was invented in 1944 and no significantly better alternative was developed since.

Fortunately, Bakker Medical, with the help of its highly capable development partners, has been able to create such urgently needed solution. Even though work remains to be done, a solid basis has been laid and the future looks promising. Today, the company is even ahead of its development schedule. Bakker Medical's IP base is continuously expanding and drives substantial value creation, not only for its shareholders but also, and especially so, for the millions of patients worldwide who find themselves without the treatment options they deserve.

Bakker Medical SRL welcomes individuals and institutions that share our vision that new life saving treatment options in the fight against rapidly strengthening invasive fungals on the global scale are urgently needed and wish to contribute to this important mission via offering donations, subsidies, networking services and co-development work. This generous support is invaluable in supporting our work to find appropriate responses to rapidly emerging global health threats.

For investors also wishing to actively contribute to Bakker Medicals' important work, from time to time the company offers the opportunity to financially participate and become a co-owner of Bakker Medical and its exiting new breakthrough technologies. Due to the cost efficient structure of the company such participations are limited in size, however due to the substantial value potential created, they are not only attractive from a human-moral but also from a financial investment standpoint. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to be notified of upcoming participation possibilities and to share your ideas with us.