Bakker Medical Srl is an innovative pharmaceutical development company, active in the field of infectious diseases. The company is based in the TLS Research Centre at the Novartis campus in Siena, Italy, and focuses on the development of new therapies in areas of high medical need. Over the past years Bakker Medical SRL has successfully developed a series of pharmaceutically active anti-mycotic compounds based on an entirely new mechanism of action. These new compounds unite high anti-fungal efficacy with drastically reduced drug-resistance profiles.

Through Bakker Medicals' carefully designed business model and lean operating structure the company demonstrates that 21st century cutting edge lead discovery is possible at a less than 10% of industry average cost levels. Main drivers for such maximized performance/cost ratio are:

Lean management/HR structure
Advanced analytic capabilities (both in core-development tasks as well as in operational efficiency planning)
Efficient resource planning
Intelligent multi-centre outsourcing
The "Kaizen" philosophy of continuous improvement as guiding principle

On the basis of Bakker Medicals' lean and effective operation, disciplined approach and top tier development partnerships, the company can consistently maintain above average R&D output levels against drastically reduced operational cost without compromising quality. This 'efficiency by design' business model with its minimal capital expenditure drives ROI (return on investment) and shareholder value to unprecedented levels.